Why humans have haircuts

Aaaand Robin Dunbar’s lecture has just inspired my other observation (this time his answering audience questions). Mr. Dunbar says that women love their hairdressers so much because they get endorphine rush from hair cutting activity (which is obviously a type of grooming similar to what monkeys do). And now I know why it’s almost impossible to … Continue reading

Why people love religion so much

Robin Dunbar in that lecture I’ve already mentioned in my previous post also explains religion – it triggers endorphines (as well as laughter and matproduced music+/-dancing). Monkeys get endorphine from grooming (doing which they spend 43% of their time and people spend around 20% of time on social interaction – which leaves humans with smaller … Continue reading

Meaning of forgotten

I got this request to explain what it means to forget something. In psychology we study that our attention span is limited thus we cannot remember everything. There are things that we just have to forget. Those things that have meaning to us, things that make sense are remembered and everything else is doomed to … Continue reading

Botox Destroys Relationships

By immobilizing facial muscles botox causes a person to be unable to fully portray emotion they feel. This means the people around don’t see the ‘botoxed’ person feeling any emotion. This happens unconsciously. It’s not like someone’s looking at the botoxed person thinks, ‘Boy, she has no expression on her face.’ But subconsciously they do … Continue reading