Botox Destroys Relationships

By immobilizing facial muscles botox causes a person to be unable to fully portray emotion they feel. This means the people around don’t see the ‘botoxed’ person feeling any emotion. This happens unconsciously.

It’s not like someone’s looking at the botoxed person thinks, ‘Boy, she has no expression on her face.’ But subconsciously they do not perceive emotion and thus no empathy is established.

If the source of the emotion is the botoxed person others just don’t see it fully on their face and thus the emotion is not contagious. And if the source of the emotion is a non-botoxed person the botoxed person may feel the emotionbut won’t be able to fully show it, as if being ‘immune’ to the contagiousness of emotions, which can easily be perceived as indifference, lack of empathy, etc. The other person does not feel the connection with the botoxed person. And when there is no connection once and then again, and then again – a relationship is starting to substantially lose its thrill.

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