Meaning of forgotten

I got this request to explain what it means to forget something.

In psychology we study that our attention span is limited thus we cannot remember everything. There are things that we just have to forget. Those things that have meaning to us, things that make sense are remembered and everything else is doomed to be lost forever.

But sometimes we forget things we know very well, say, our neighbour’s name. Not that they are the most important person in our world but we interact pretty regularly and it’s really useful to know your neighbour’s name, right? And it’s not like we just did not bother to remember it – on the contrary, we knew it very well. Up till this very moment where we just can’t quite catch that fish in our memory pool while we are dead sure it’s there.

In psychoanalysis there is this classical approach that a person does not forget things like that accidentally. We forget when we dislike something or disagree with it. So back to the neighbour – you probably forgot his name because he keeps playing on your nerves loud music or just won’t stop being such an arsehole look after his lawn.

A kid is likely to forget to name their sibling when listing you their family just because they hate it how their parents love the sibling so much and unconsciously wish they were gone.

Forgetting, unless this happens due to a medical condition, is a sign of unconscious trying to say something despite your conscious unwillingness to admit and share that something.

For a case of Sigmund Freud analyzing a forgotten foreign word please  go here.

One Response to “Meaning of forgotten”
  1. Matthias Glanznig says:

    Saw your link on imdb and thought why not check it out (my nick there is moongate2000). As far as I can see, interesting posts (well, as psychology student myself it’s hard to say otherwise *lol*), well and not too complicated Explanations. Cool!

    Have a great day!!

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