Why humans have haircuts

Aaaand Robin Dunbar’s lecture has just inspired my other observation (this time his answering audience questions).

Mr. Dunbar says that women love their hairdressers so much because they get endorphine rush from hair cutting activity (which is obviously a type of grooming similar to what monkeys do). And now I know why it’s almost impossible to grow long hair (and I mean really long) these days – humans are so busy that they cut their social interaction time to the very minimum and thus lack endorphine. But when they go to a hairdresser (and also have their nails done – let’s throw this one here along with masseuses and salon masks) regularly they get what they need there.

So we basically cut our hair not that much because we want to look stylish (although we are dead sure that’s the reason) but because we lack endorphines. Next time you are going to get that break up haircut just ask your mom/aunt/friend to play with your hair.

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