In my gradschool I had this teacher, she was an interesting person and quite nice but I’m not completely sure she was a 100% good person. But what was most striking about her appearance were her wrinkles. She was past sixty I believe and had some extra weight, her hair was cut in an ear short bob with strict lines of her blunt hemline and bangs, coloured in the most beautiful shade of silver (naturally coloured due to age, not by chemical dye).

And now that you have some idea about her I’ll only say she wasn’t tall, about 160 cm, and was somewhat oddly dressed all the time – she used to mix quite youngish (and quite cheap sometimes) accessories with mostly grey clothes, and I don’t rememeber her wearing a skirt once. She liked most her over the shoulder bag and used to say that best excercise for scientists is speed walking.

Her face was always sunlit with a web of wrinkles. Those wrinkles were all of joy – her facial mask was always smiling. And thinking of her yesterday I realized that people who go for plastic surgery and botox to have no wrinkles aren’t afraid of getting wrinkles and getting OLD, they are afraid of getting wrinkles and getting ugly. Because emotions that you have most throughout your life are gonna show on your face sooner or later.

And this teacher of mine without saying a word let me understand that wrinkles are not bad, they are wonderful. You only have to smile more:)

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