Time urgency

So instead of reading on simple 182 questions I have to prepare for the exam I trip away onto more exciting subjects like time perception and time urgency.

Time urgency is related to time perception in a way that some people don’t notice how fast time passes by and are surprised when told their time is up. These, not surprisingly, are people who are really bad with deadlines.

There are also their opposites – the people who deal great with deadlines, make lists, prioritize, check remaining time and are well organized thusly. These are high time urgency people while the former, on the other hand, are the low time urgency folk.

“There is this big conflict between these two personalities, which leads to tension that is created because of the lack of a basic understanding.” I love this notion of lack of basic understanding. This is just something I feel I lack with some people and now I know the word for it.

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