Culture shock

So here I got one – it’s not ‘cultural shock’ as I used to think, it’s *culture* shock. Catching up on this right now, so here are some bits of useful culture shock info for you:

– culture shock is an internalized construct or perspective developed in reaction to an unfamiliar situation;

– the person feels helpless, ineffective, childish as they feel incompetent to solve simple problems they’ve learned to deal with easily long time ago;

– external locus of control, extraversion, tolerance of ambiguity are good traits to have while adopting to a new culture;

– Piet & Hornby, 1992, p. 2: Cultural clues, the signs and symbols which guide social interaction, are stripped away. A difficult part […] for adult is the experience of […] not knowing instinctively the ‘right’ thing to do.

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