Fear of Making Wrong Choice

This is basically a fear of making a mistake only a bit broader. Mistake is normally something kind of minor while a choice can be both something global and something pretty small.

I would like to point out how sometimes the fear of making a wrong choice can look like the fear of commitment. Though the people suffering from the fear of making a wrong choice are not neccessarily having any problems with the idea of committing to one person but they have a problem of being afraid to committing to a wrong person. They would love to be in a relationship and are willing to actually put some effort in to make it work. But they can never make their choice since they begin to have second thoughts each time their existing or potential partner deviates from the ideal image.

I would say the basic scheme described in this post covers the main points of the cognitive therapy for the fear of making a wrong choice. In short it goes like this: you identify the cause, determine your exact beliefs about making mistakes, evaluate them as to whether they are actually true, disregard the mistaken beliefs, form new beliefs.

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