You Don’t Have to Have Much to Show How Much You Care

Some French study, which I cannot find, but at least they claim so in one local news report discovered that girls are more open to giving their number to a cute stranger in order to grant him a date later in they meet the guy near a flower shop. 144 women (out of 600) gave their phone number to the experimentator’s assistant near a flower shop after he told them their name, complimented them, and politely asked for the number.

One in seven women asked for a number near a bakery was willing to provide her digits, and one in ten women gave the number near a shoe shop (which was obviously a control group, as shoe shop is not in the least romantic place, or I know nothing about romantic places).

Overall, I think men these days don’t give women enough flowers. I don’t see much young men in the street with flowers in their hands. Many of you probably don’t know this, but flowers are a sacrifice. You are symbolically showing your woman what lengths you are willing to go to in order to secure her love and show yours. Like many people these days, I had a phase where I thought giving fresh flowers equalled abusing nature. But that is the very point of flowers as a gift – you are taking life of something so beautiful only to please someone you care about. Shows how much you care.

Don’t you think people stopped showing their feelings nowadays? In this regard, I like the Ariana Grande song Put Your Hearts Up. She sings “You don’t have to be a billionare// You don’t have to have// Much too show how much care”.

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