Best on Dyslexia

I’ve been browsing the web for dyslexia stuff these past days. Found good article on The New York Times (do read it). Wrote letters to experts mentioned in it. They replied. Referred me to other people, those haven’t replied yet. But that somehow inspired me to search for dyslexia groups on facebook. Found one where I felt comfortable enough to ask questions. And after a while of the administrator not having a clue what I meant (I swear I was crystal clear and kept repeating one same thing – I need advanced dyslexia testing for adults) she gave me A LINK!

She linked me just to the website, but I am linking you to a specific page with a 40-minute video on dyslexia, the woman explaining dyslexia is doing it in a very, and I mean VERY viewer-friendly way, I don’t find my mind wondering watching it, I comprehend everything, etc. And she sheds some MAJOR light on the subject.

What I especially appreciate to have learned from her is the tip to ask people read out things you can’t understand while reading. GENIUS. See, because a dyslexic has a reading problem, not a comprehension problem, they understand speech well. My problem, though, is that if something is read out loud more like reading and less like speech I tend to get lost, just the way I get lost in text.

Besides the well-studied by me (by now) signs of dyslexia as losing a place where you’ve been reading, renewing reading in the middle of a sentence (what is wrong with that anyway?..), she lists a very curious symptom. Dyslexics are pilers. Thing is, we (dyslexics) need to see everything we have because we forget we have it once it’s out of sight. Example – I bought cookies and turned out I had half the pack of those same cookies in a kitchen drawer… Same for bread… I never know whether I have bread. Or clothes. I never know what clothes I have.

And I need everything on my desk, otherwise I forget about it. Or at work – I keep forgetting food in my drawer……. Silly. Yet, piling seems to be a common trait, I’d say. E.g. the man I am in love with seems to be a bit of a piler himself (well, not that much, but he throws things at places they don’t belong, and piles stuff on his desk a bit; though stuff seems to go away fast)….. and he’s positively not dyslexic. Maybe whether this is a symptom depends on the reasons why people pile. I literally pile because I need everything and I forget about it when I don’t see it.

And I don’t pile that much. I wouldn’t even call it piling, I am quite neat. I think I’ll have to find out why other people pile – are they just messy and lazy to put things in place? I have systems of piles. Some people do filing, I do piling.

And she also familiarized me with the term dysnomia – difficulties with word retrieval. AND she taught me (in a different video) that I have trouble putting sounds together in a word….. No problem with breaking a word into sounds though.

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