My Preciousss

Just read this piece on how to pick best presents and thought it reflected my idea of picking out the best present.

First, it has to be one present, because adding smaller ones to the kit reduces the value of the main gift, as it shows the giver was not sure one present was enough.

Additionally, people love getting presents they would not dare to buy themselves. It doesn’t have to be something very expensive or what they really wanted, it just has to be interesting enough for them to be happy to receive it as a gift, and at the same time it has to be something they wouldn’t think of buying or asking to give them as a present themselves.

I cannot tell you how much more fun it is to receive a present that you would never buy for yourself. Something that is just not on your priority list but something that makes you smile and feel warm inside. I have this friend who sometimes gives me that sort of presents, and my first association with the friend is best. presents. ever. I still keep and value a stuffed turtle, a cone-shaped shell, and a tiny juniper jewel box, even though I don’t actually need them.

They just feel like something that is valuable. They are of good quality, but not too expensive because they are quite small. They are a perfect combination of what’s expected and what’s appropriate. And I’ve literally received TONS of stuffed animals, shells, and jewel boxes in my lifetime. I hated them all, but these.

Surprise, as well as possible symbolic meaning of a present (if there is a story behind it) add value to the gift. Moreover, if you went out of your way to get the present, that adds value too. That way, you are giving a person your time and show them that you care, which is more important than the gift itself.

Mind you, the usefulness of the actual gift for that particular person and its quality also say a lot about how much you care. So it’s not that you could give a person whatever garbage you were able to find, as long as it’s thoughtful and you can come up with a tearful story to back it up.

And if you are giving a gift card or a check/cash, you can still make it feel special by wrapping it up nicely and presenting in a wittyful manner!


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