Happy New Year

Want to write something about New Year, but not sure what I have to say. I think it’s a great holiday, psychologically. First, you feel part of a huuuge community that is celebrating the ending of a certain period in their life and the beginning of a new one. Sure, it’s bogus because nothing actually ends abruptly and starts with the clock striking midnight. Yet, it broadcasts the sense of belonging – we are all in this together, counting mintes, seconds, maybe happy about the year past, maybe not so much, some excited for the year to come, some less so.

Nine minutes ago Christmas Island entered 2013. And it’s five minutes until Chatham Islands of New Zealand greet the New Year! The rest of the world is still in 2012.

I guess this joy that comes with the feeling of belonging comes from the times back when human communities were extremely small and to survive everyone had to stick together. Evolutionary advantage came with staying with the flock, which is why up to this day everyone loves receiving a confirmation that they are a part of something, they are not alone in this darkness of the dangerous cosmic night.

Everyone saying Happy New Year to each other, and not just friends and relatives – it’s always even more exciting to hear that from complete strangers. And the fireworks. They make it all seem so much better, because you know these are for you too, they mark a new beginning. The symbolism of a holiday is often all there is to it, but it still works. It gives an event the grandiosity we all love to have from time to time in our lives.

Which is exactly why I’ve always loved this holiday.

Oh, look, those five minutes have gone by, Happy New Year, Chatham Islands! Next up – New Zealand, Australia, Japan, China, Russia, of course. Middle East, Europe. Americas are last ones.


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