My Preciousss

Just read this piece on how to pick best presents and thought it reflected my idea of picking out the best present. First, it has to be one present, because adding smaller ones to the kit reduces the value of the main gift, as it shows the giver was not sure one present was enough. … Continue reading

Pupil dilation betrays the timing of decisions

As a junkie for anything on decision-making I was elated to find this research that basically says that pupils dilate the second a person makes a decision. NICE. As many of you know, pupils normally dilate when a person sees an object of interest, in some emotional states, e.g. fear, when a person experiences pain, … Continue reading

a mini video lecture on self[ishness]

Actress Thandie Newton gives a speech at TEDGlobal2011. When you have 15 minutes to spare – this is a MUST. Who knew she was so educated? You will definitely discover a lot in this speech. I am in awe.

Culture shock

So here I got one – it’s not ‘cultural shock’ as I used to think, it’s *culture* shock. Catching up on this right now, so here are some bits of useful culture shock info for you: – culture shock is an internalized construct or perspective developed in reaction to an unfamiliar situation; – the person … Continue reading