Ambiguous Loss

As Aimee Lee Ball writes in her column for The New York Times, the term liberated me. Ambiguous loss is a case of a person disappearing from your life without any explanation. It can be a case of missing person, children leaving home, lovers leaving with no reason stated, but it can also be a … Continue reading

Let’s Cheer Ourselves Up

I don’t know how to describe this, actually. I just think that many of Natalie Tran’s videos border on being pretty wonderful antidepressants))) Enjoy

Art Therapy

There is this one type of art therapy I was always pretty sceptical about. I tried it before but I was like – yeah, it must be helpful. For some. Under certain conditions. Very rarely. And to a very limited extent. Basically not helpful at all. Just creating an illusion of at least being helped. … Continue reading

a mini video lecture on self[ishness]

Actress Thandie Newton gives a speech at TEDGlobal2011. When you have 15 minutes to spare – this is a MUST. Who knew she was so educated? You will definitely discover a lot in this speech. I am in awe.