Happy New Year

New Year 2013 by Maria Ivanova

Want to write something about New Year, but not sure what I have to say. I think it’s a great holiday, psychologically. First, you feel part of a huuuge community that is celebrating the ending of a certain period in their life and the beginning of a new one. Sure, it’s bogus because nothing actually … Continue reading

My Preciousss

Just read this piece on how to pick best presents and thought it reflected my idea of picking out the best present. First, it has to be one present, because adding smaller ones to the kit reduces the value of the main gift, as it shows the giver was not sure one present was enough. … Continue reading

Best on Dyslexia

I’ve been browsing the web for dyslexia stuff these past days. Found good article on The New York Times (do read it). Wrote letters to experts mentioned in it. They replied. Referred me to other people, those haven’t replied yet. But that somehow inspired me to search for dyslexia groups on facebook. Found one where … Continue reading