You see, I’m pretty good with deadlines. I don’t tend to procrastinate much. Deadlines are deadlines and if there is one on the horizon for me I can go as far as lose sleep over it. Yet, sometimes I do miss deadlines and sometimes I do procrastinate (and I hate myself for it). Like with … Continue reading

Stop and Observe

Been discussing traveling with mom. It all started with a 220 euro tour to three European cities. That offer seemed ridiculously affordable, yet ridiculously unpleasurable. They want us to pay to suffer through a week-long bus ride. No, thank you. People are so afraid of themselves they need a very set, tight schedule to get … Continue reading


I have a premonition – you can’t fix this. Just watched Sandra Bullock’s film Premonition and while it’s a pretty unsignificant production, it got me thinking about how once we choose one path, we can’t just turn back around and go down an alternative path should we not like our first choice. Our first choice … Continue reading

12 HR Tricks My Company Could Use

Over the time I’ve been working at my current place of employment I’ve noticed how wonderfully some of the best HR practices work out in this place and how miserably the management fails when it comes to shortcomings they aren’t aware of. As I was reading up on human resources management, I pick out 12 … Continue reading

New Year 2013 by Maria Ivanova

Happy New Year

Want to write something about New Year, but not sure what I have to say. I think it’s a great holiday, psychologically. First, you feel part of a huuuge community that is celebrating the ending of a certain period in their life and the beginning of a new one. Sure, it’s bogus because nothing actually … Continue reading

Calculated Risk Taking

Risk taking is usually associated with boldness, courage and rapid action. But when you thnik about, most character that we admire so much for being “risky” are not actually risking that much. They just appear to be in risky situations when we put ourselves in their place. But upon closer examination, we realize that pretty … Continue reading

Putin’s Children

These 46 children in Russia are getting a lot of press these days, and yet we know their fates are not to be fixed. These children, whom American citizens wanted to adopt, will stay in Russia because Mr. Putin went and signed the law prohibiting Americans adopting Russian kids. See psychological consequences discussed below. You … Continue reading

Psychological Clues That Let You Know If You Can Pull Off a Pixie Cut

Despite all the talk about face shapes and designs of the actual cut, I’ve narrowed it down to two key factors. Yay, ladies, rejoice. The true and simple test to whether you should chop off all your hair has been just humbly presented to you by yours truly. Thing is, these two factors cover everything … Continue reading

My Preciousss

Just read this piece on how to pick best presents and thought it reflected my idea of picking out the best present. First, it has to be one present, because adding smaller ones to the kit reduces the value of the main gift, as it shows the giver was not sure one present was enough. … Continue reading

Why I’m Alone? Don’t I Deserve Love?

This was the question from this one girl replying to my free psychological consultation ad. My knee-jerk reaction was GIRL, I WISH I KNEW. But then I began replying and somehow easily figured it out. Funny how at first I always get frustrated with questions of people who email me the same puzzles I am … Continue reading


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