You see, I’m pretty good with deadlines. I don’t tend to procrastinate much. Deadlines are deadlines and if there is one on the horizon for me I can go as far as lose sleep over it. Yet, sometimes I do miss deadlines and sometimes I do procrastinate (and I hate myself for it). Like with … Continue reading

We Have to Go Back

Just watched a film that got me thinking about how once we choose one path, we can’t just turn back around and go down an alternative path should we not like our first choice. Our first choice is our only choice. We don’t get to live our lives twice. Once we make the very initial decision, it’s … Continue reading

12 HR Tricks My Company Could Use

Over the time I’ve been working at my current place of employment I’ve noticed how wonderfully some of the best HR practices work out in this place and how miserably the management fails when it comes to shortcomings they aren’t aware of. As I was reading up on human resources management, I pick out 12 … Continue reading

Ambiguous Loss

As Aimee Lee Ball writes in her column for The New York Times, the term liberated me. Ambiguous loss is a case of a person disappearing from your life without any explanation. It can be a case of missing person, children leaving home, lovers leaving with no reason stated, but it can also be a … Continue reading

Let’s Cheer Ourselves Up

I don’t know how to describe this, actually. I just think that many of Natalie Tran’s videos border on being pretty wonderful antidepressants))) Enjoy

Pupil dilation betrays the timing of decisions

As a junkie for anything on decision-making I was elated to find this research that basically says that pupils dilate the second a person makes a decision. NICE. As many of you know, pupils normally dilate when a person sees an object of interest, in some emotional states, e.g. fear, when a person experiences pain, … Continue reading

Art Therapy

There is this one type of art therapy I was always pretty sceptical about. I tried it before but I was like – yeah, it must be helpful. For some. Under certain conditions. Very rarely. And to a very limited extent. Basically not helpful at all. Just creating an illusion of at least being helped. … Continue reading

a mini video lecture on self[ishness]

Actress Thandie Newton gives a speech at TEDGlobal2011. When you have 15 minutes to spare – this is a MUST. Who knew she was so educated? You will definitely discover a lot in this speech. I am in awe.

Culture shock

So here I got one – it’s not ‘cultural shock’ as I used to think, it’s *culture* shock. Catching up on this right now, so here are some bits of useful culture shock info for you: – culture shock is an internalized construct or perspective developed in reaction to an unfamiliar situation; – the person … Continue reading

Internet Is The New Reading

I have been carrying this thought around for quite some time now. The thought is that modern day obsession with Internet is actually a modification of the good old reading obsession that goes back to late middle ages. Then some young ladies or young gentlemen (more and more of them as time passed by) spent … Continue reading